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Reflections For 2021

Whew! What a year!!

2020 has been a year of so many challenges for the planet, also, one

of learning, shifting and new ways... Perhaps the beginning of a new


For the first time in our lifetimes, humanity has experienced some of

the most unexpected changes with this pandemic, an event that we will

not forget and will transform many things. My heart goes out to all

those affected by this virus.

Even though I stay informed and it truly pains me what is going on in

the public heath sector, I like working hard at trying to stay positive

and I do have much hope that this is the beginning of a greater global

transformation for a better world.

I'd like to add that I am more than grateful to everyone for helping me

keep on going and busy in this creative path as many people have

purchased my art with a high volume of art shipments since March which I

have shipped with our great USPS system. They pick up right from my

porch to bring my art to you!. I hope I am bringing a smile and some

light into your homes with bright colors and artistic magic realism!

As many of you might know, in the beginning of the pandemic, back in

March, I started teaching free online art lessons on live video and my

humble knowledge though my art page on Facebook to encourage people to

stay creative and find a nice soothing place in drawing or painting.

Many did a much better job than me! :) This lessons are available for

free to anyone in the video archives on my art page: [2]. I will continue new lessons as soon as

the holiday season is over as well.

During this times, I send you all a wish for a better year, unity,

positive transformation and of course health for you and your families.

Remember that if you can, try to help others and to be kind, even the

smallest of ways can make a difference in someone's life.

Best wishes for this holiday season and onward with an open heart into

the new year!

Jade Leyva

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