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Art = Responsibility

For a long time, I have felt that to be an artists is a big responsabilty, not only responsabilty with myself, by being disciplined about creating art, but also with what I am saying through my paintings. When I look at art, specially from deseased artists, sometimes I get a strong feeling inside me, something the artist may not have intended to do, however, in a lot of cases there is a message and you can see it as well as feel it. What we say through art is pure responsabilty, sometimes, we can use art as an instrument to transform society and tabu. We need to ask ourselves, What do we want to say to the future generations?

In the next picture, what do you see? There is a lot going on, take a close look.

If you see unity among people, cultures and nature, I accomplished my mission with this piece. That is what I wanted to say and I hope this piece with this message exists for a long, long time and that lots of people are exposed to it.

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